This group is for people displaced by the recent disaster in the Santa Barbara who need clothing.

FOR THOSE NEEDING CLOTHING: Please indicate if it is for a male or female, the age and size of the person in need, and as specifically as possible what type of clothing is needed. Indicate where you can receive the clothing.

FOR THOSE PROVIDING CLOTHING: Please indicate if the clothing is new or used and its condition. Please inform the person/people in need where/when you can deliver the clothing. Be specific.


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3 thoughts on “Clothing”

  1. I went on a successful diet last year and have some Women’s Plus sized clothing for anyone who wants it. All of it is in good condition, some barely worn, some new. I have tunic style tops in mostly natural woven materials and some Danish designer cotton knits. Flax, Hot Cotton, designer labels, such as they are for larger women. If coats are needed, I can look at those too.

    I wore 2X, but have some 1X and XXL as I lost weight. Email me at

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