Errands and other services

This group is for those who need errands or services, or can offer them.

FOR THOSE IN NEED: Please indicate the errands you would like to run, and the days and/or times. If you are requesting other services, please describe what the service is, if it is time sensitive, and how often you will need it.

FOR THOSE OFFERING: Please indicate your availability and if you specialize in the service requested, or if you are able to provide transportation to help with running errands, or if you can run the errands.


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12 thoughts on “Errands and other services”

  1. Happy to assist with anything you might need in getting life back together (other than shelter/storage) electronic/computer set up, rides to/from, general errands or things/people picked up. Feel free to call email or text. 805-570-7998

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