Free housing

This group is for those seeking temporary FREE housing arrangements because they are displaced, and/or they live in areas currently inaccessible due to the highway closures.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING HOUSING: Please indicate how many people in your group need housing, and if you have pets, or any other special needs.

IF YOU ARE OFFERING HOUSING: Please indicate how many bedrooms/units are available, what amenities are on site, and how long the residence is available. Please also indicate if you allow pets and/or children.

For rental opportunities, this is not the site for you.


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5 thoughts on “Free housing”

  1. Hello,
    Montecito resident currently looking for housing for 2-3 weeks. Work a great deal so do not plan on being there much just a place to crash. More than willing to contribute either/or money or errands/things done around the house. Good references! Just in a tight spot at the moment. Thank you! Feel free to call or text at 805-570-7998

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