Household Goods

This group is for people needing any type of household goods. This includes furniture, appliances, utensils, towels, sheets, lighting, and any other forms of housewares.

FOR THOSE NEEDING HO– USEWARES: Please indicate what you need as specifically as you can and where you can receive it.

FOR THOSE SUPPLYING HO– USEWARES: Please indicate what you can provide and the condition of the wares (used, new, etc) and the size of the wares, as well as whether or not you can deliver them and/or load and unload them.


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3 thoughts on “Household Goods”

  1. I have a lightly used full size bed that is only about 6 months old, as well as a 14 inch high bed frame. This does not require box frame. I can provide the comforter to along with it as well.

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